Why should I study in school?

I am a junior in high school and I find myself wondering sometimes, What’s the point of studying in school? Well in my opinion there are a lot of reasons why you should study and work hard in school. First of all, because you should want to pass. Without working hard and studying in school you probably will not pass and what’s the point of even going to school if you are not trying to pass and get the best grades possible. The only reason you really wouldn’t have to try in school is if you are taking ridiculously easy classes even if you are really smart and should be in advanced classes which is just the dumbest idea ever in my opinion, but im not going to get into that. The second reason you should study and try hard in school is because if you are successful in school and make good grades than it will reflect in other parts of your life. if you are dedicated in school and try your best then most likely you will be successful in other parts of your life. Thirdly, and probably the most important reason, you should study in school is your future. We have all heard the saying, “Work now, Play later.” Well this applies to your life. If you work hard in school and go for the best grades possible then you go to a good college and major in something you enjoy doing, then you will be able to get a great job when you get older, making enough money to sit-back and relax later in life and of course you want to be able to support your family. I know that some people are smarter than others and school is harder for some than others but if you try your best there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have the same opportunities as your peers.

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